7 Chrome Extensions for Students to Revolutionise University Life

Hitting deadlines is all about being smart and efficient with your time. You can make researching, note-taking and essay writing more streamlined by simply downloading practical browser extensions. Here are 7 Chrome extensions for students that I use on a day-to-day basis as a fourth year Honours student)!

You can easily add these extensions to your browser through the Chrome Web Store.

Google Scholar

If you do absolutely any type of research online, you need to download this chrome extension.

When you are chatting to friends or supervisors about new research articles, this extension makes it super easy to quickly find what you’re looking for.


If there’s anything that grinds my gears, its looking over at someone’s laptop next to me with 32 browser tabs open. Seriously! It’s a big clutter you just don’t need.

The OneTab extension neatly shrinks all your open browser tabs into one succinct list! This means that firstly, you won’t need to leave a whole lot of browser tabs open while completing one assignment AND you get a clean, tidy list (so you can easily find the webpage you’re looking for when you return to working). This extension for students is one you don’t want to miss out on.

Notion Web-Clipper

I use this extension every time I want to save something into a Notion links database, making it easily accessible later on when I want to come back to it. It works like a bookmark, but can be easily integrated into your notion workspace. I have used this one lately for post-graduate planning and sorting through options for travel accomodation.


The Zotero extension makes researching and referencing super easy. With just one click, you can transfer the details of your open webpage to the Zotero reference manager, and use this later on to quickly add in-text references to your essays.

If you’d like to know more about how I use Zotero, check out my blog post: How to use Zotero for Students: Master Reference Managers.


Momentum is by far my favourite Google Chrome extension. It has less practical use than all my other extensions (for work-focused students) BUT it creates an absolutely beautiful workspace every time you open up a new tab on your browser. And sometimes, having something pretty to look at when you open up your computer can be very helpful to get you stuck into your work!

The Momentum extension gives you a new wallpaper everyday, and allows you to set your main priority for the day. You can also customise the new tab screen to show you daily mantras, and add to-do lists in the bottom right or your favourite links in the top left.


Dualless is another extension you cannot miss out on as a student. Especially if you have to do a tonne of reading and internet researching. This browser extension allows you to quickly ‘snap’ your current window into a certain size across you screen, allowing you to have multiple browser windows open side by side. Super useful for reading and taking notes simultaneously.


On top of Dualless for researching and reading, the Alphatext extension is also super useful in this domain. Some content on the internet can be difficult to read, with strange fonts or interesting colours. With the Alphatext extension, you can alter any page to present content in any font and size you most prefer. It’s a real saver for those tired eyes on late night study sessions.

Hopefully these Google Chrome extensions for students can help you become more efficient at university.

Let me know if you have any extension recommendations!

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