Using the reMarkable Tablet as a Bullet Journal

The reMarkable Paper Tablet has honestly changed my note-taking game as a student. It’s really nifty – the tablet makes all your work available across multiple devices, saves you carrying stacks of note books and saves a few trees along the way.

I only started my bullet journal half a year before I transitioned to a paper-less university lifestyle.

While I was sad about giving up my new little dotted diary, I was impressed by how easily it was to transition my bullet journal style to the reMarkable tablet.

How I use the reMarkable Tablet as a Bullet Journal

hello july bullet journal title page

With multiple brushes, pens, and pencil options to choose from on the reMarkable, it isn’t difficult to transition your physical bullet journal to a digital space.

With the reMarkable’s highlighter option, you can also highlight deadlines and important notes as you would in a notebook.

Using the In-Built Templates

The reMarkable can easily mimic a dotted notebook through its notebook templates.

remarkable tablet bullet journal dot template

When you add a new notebook to your tablet, you simply scroll through the available templates and choose a variant of dots!

As you can see above, if you prefer your bullet journal on another format – such as a grid – there are many options on the remarkable to have it exactly how you’d like!

reMarkable Bullet Journal Spreads

As with any bullet journal, you have the option to make it as simple or as complex as you’d like.

For me, I like to keep my journal really minimal (it just means that I can prep my week nice and quickly!)

My minimal weekly spread usually looks something like this.

bullet journal on remarkable weekly spread

You can fill the journal with whatever things you need – habit trackers, to-do lists or sleep journals.

That is, after all, the point of a bullet journal! It’s an empty canvas to fill with exactly what you need.

For some inspiration, here is how I use the reMarkable as a to-do list, meal planner and health diary.

Journalize Templates

You can also download other templates to use on the reMarkable.

Journalize is my favourite place to find really functional and neat templates. They have all sorts of different templates, from yearly calendars to daily schedules.

If you’re not a fan of always drawing up your own weekly spreads, you will love what Journalize can do for you.

Journalize template on remarkable paper tablet

Those are some of the really simple ways I use my reMarkable paper tablet as a bullet journal.

If you want to know all the ways that I use my reMarkable as a university student, you can check it out here!

Happy Bujo-ing!

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