You should buy the reMarkable Paper Tablet: 5 reasons.

So, you wonder, why should you buy the reMarkable?

The reMarkable paper tablet is slowly becoming increasingly popular, especially with the release of the reMarkable Paper Tablet 2.

why you should buy the remarkable paper tablet

When I initially bought by reMarkable Paper Tablet (the original model!), there really wasn’t a lot on the internet about the tablet and all it had to offer.

It was just a fancy tech item that popped up on my instagram page and I wasn’t sure whether it was something for me – especially with the price tag.

After owning the device for a year and a half (and using it basically everyday during my Honours year in university), there are some simple things that make the reMarkable paper tablet perfect for students (and anyone else who loves their notepad). Here are 5 reasons you should buy the reMarkable.

Nowadays, there are definitely a few more in-depth reviews of the reMarkable online. But I want to give 5 straight-forward reasons why you should buy the reMarkable paper tablet.

I have also written up a more in-depth review of how I use the remarkable paper tablet as a university student here.

5 Reasons you should buy a reMarkable.

1. You love hand written notes.

There’s just something about hand writing out lecture notes that doesn’t get old.

I have never been someone who opens up their laptop in class to furiously type notes. It’s so easy to not focus – you just type away and don’t take in any of the information.

Writing down lecture notes can help you to better remember the information too, because writing is a more cognitively demanding task, than simply typing. You have to do more with the information, summarise, highlight, mind map – and this extra effort means you are processing more!


2. You won’t have to carry around tonnes of notebooks.

There is one thing that university could do without – and that is heavy textbooks!

I know that I have definitely broken a backpack (or two) while lugging around textbooks.

And while I can’t make universities stop forcing students to lug around 500 page textbooks, you can make your school bag just that little bit lighter by getting yourself a reMarkable paper tablet.

You can say goodbye to your pens, pencils (the whole pencil case for that matter) and all the separate notebooks for Psych 1A, Clinical Introduction, Anatomy and Molecules.

You can just have one device, with all your notes in there at once. It means you won’t end up in that position where your sitting in the lecture theatre and forgot to bring in the notebook you need – because you were studying last night and left it on your desk at home!

3. You can access your notes, anywhere.

The best thing about the reMarkable table is the ability to access your notes and notebooks wherever you are.

reMarkable’s cloud system means that you can access your data from the app on all other devices you own!

You can have the app set up on your mobile phone (for studying on the go) or on your computer (to send them through to a friend!). This is something that really makes the reMarkable paper tablet amazing for students, you can look at everything anywhere (on the bus, while walking to class, etc!)

Your notes easily convert to a PDF and then you can work with them however you want.

4. You will help the planet, by saving paper.

If you are environmentally conscious, you will also be saving paper with the reMarkable paper tablet!

Notebooks, notepads, and diaries (see how I use the remarkable as a bullet journal here) are usually everyday requirements for any student – but you can get rid of all your paper traces with this device.

You can also upload PDF papers onto the reMarkable paper tablet. For me, as a neuroscience student, I am always reading new scientific articles.

Instead of printing them out, I can have that same experience of note taking on the reMarkable.

Without haphazard notebooks, sticky notes and print outs everywhere, you will also be able to better keep track of your notes. Things won’t get lost. There’s a really nice system to how everything is organised within the reMarkable device which extends to the app too.

And, instead of throwing away your filled up notebooks at the end of every semester, you can simply delete. (Or save them on a hard-drive for access if you want to review anything!) You won’t feel guilty about filling up the recycling bin with notes and print outs ever again!

5. Your eyes will thank you!

Kindles were a big thing back in the day because of the good things they can do for your eyes, when compared to staring at backlit computer screens all day.

This study by Benedetto et al. 2013 compared visual fatigue when reading on three different type of materials – e-readers, LCD screens and real paper.

They found that visual fatigue was increased when reading on LCD screens, when compared to both e-readers and paper.

This was measured by the amount of blinks (a well-known indicator of visual fatigue) and also subjective reports of the participants.

So, take a step away from those computer screens and do your eyes a favour by using a reMarkable paper tablet to get in all your readings.

As I said before, it’s easy to drag and drop PDFs to the device, and then you can mark them up, highlight and circle just like you would on real paper.

Final Thoughts on the reMarkable paper tablet…

The reMarkable paper tablet has been a real game changer for me at university, and was heavily used during my last few years of undergrad.

I have no doubt that in the next three years of my PhD, this device will be taken to its greatest potential!

If you need more information about the reMarkable tablet as a university student, have a look at the ways I use the device as a university student (there’s a lot you can do with it!)

Hopefully you now understand why you should buy a reMarkable paper tablet – you won’t regret it.

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